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Cowboys/Eagles game not about Owens anymore

Remember back to when we played the Eagles earlier this season, all anybody could talk about was Terrell Owens going against his old team. This time, it's all about winning the NFC East, the Owens sub-plot has been buried for the most part. There's still a little life left in that storyline, but we've reached a point where the game overtakes the personalities.

"You guys [media] understand now that it's a lot bigger than T.O. playing against Philly," Cowboys cornerback Aaron Glenn said. "It's about us winning the division. It's one of our goals when the season started, and it's on the line right now. It's staring us in the face."

Right on, the team needs to focus on one thing, winning the NFC East. It seems strange to go back and remember that game, and the Owens hoopla that surrounded it.

Owens was nothing more than a high-priced decoy the last time these teams met. He failed to catch a pass in the first half and finished with three receptions for 45 yards.

Four Philadelphia receivers had more yards that day. The little-used Hank Baskett more than doubled Owens' total.

Near the end of the game, Owens prowled the sideline screaming, "Why am I here?" to receivers coach Todd Haley and anyone within range.

I had forgotten all about the "why am I here" incident. Once Romo took over, things definitely got better on the Owens front. It started going so well that Owens made a big sacrifice for the team. He decided to play with his bum finger even at the risk of permanent damage.
Surgery would have knocked Owens out for the season. After talking to Jones, Romo and receiver Terry Glenn, Owens decided against surgery, even though delaying the procedure could leave him with a damaged finger for the rest of his life.

The reason: Owens believes this team has a shot at the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys made a roster move.

With Jacques Reeves' availability in question for Monday's game against Philadelphia because of an elbow injury, the Cowboys called up cornerback Quincy Butler from the practice squad and waived tight end Andy Thorn.

It's Christmas, so here's a heart-warming story about Romo's grandparents.

Felicita Romo clutches her hands together as the Cowboys, led by her grandson, quarterback Tony Romo, make their first drive downfield against the Atlanta Falcons on Dec. 16.

"We're looking for a win this time," Felicita said. "We're looking for a real win this time. Come on, let's go get 'em!"

I like grandma's style.

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