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Merry Christmas from Blogging The Boys

Merry Christmas to all you Cowboy fans! It was just over one year ago in early December that I joined SB Nation and moved Blogging The Boys over to the SB Nation network. Some of you guys were with me all the way back to the old blog, some of you started reading in this past offseason, and more have joined since the season has been going on. I want to thank all of you for your patronage of this blog and the lively conversation in the comments. Just a couple of days ago, Blogging The Boys went over a quarter of a million visits since last December. Thanks to all of you, we're growing faster than I could've imagined.

Today, we have a huge against the Philadelphia Eagles, so I asked Santa for one final present on Christmas Day, the NFC East title. I think he's going to hook me up.

Used this thread to leave your holiday greeting to everyone who reads Blogging The Boys.

Happy Holidays!

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