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On the lighter side...

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Enough with stats, schemes, personnel discussions, playoff implications, dropped passes, inneffective running games, and pitiful performances by our defense. Let's get right down to what really matters in life...Tony Romo's dating situation.

I know some of you were set on Jessica Simpson, but Romo, alas, had his heart set on another. Now he's made it official, he's dating Carrie Underwood.  

It's official, Cowboys QB Tony Romo is dating Carrie Underwood.

In an article in Wednesday's Journal Gazette/Times-Courier of Charleston, Ill., Romo told the sports editor of his hometown paper that no, he's not dating Dallas diva Jessica Simpson, but he is seeing Underwood, the 2005 American Idol and emerging country music star.

Even the gossip magazines are getting in on this one. Besides, it gave me the perfect excuse to post their pictures.

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