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Quick report from a Lions blog

Sean Yuille is the man behind Pride of Detroit, SB Nation's Detroit Lions blog. I asked him to give us a quick overview of the Lions, his report is below.

In Detroit's final game of the season, a loss all but clinches next year's number one overall draft pick.  Although the players won't be trying to lose, the situation they're in nearly guarantees it.  14 total players are currently on the injured reserve with a 15th not able to play.  The only reason he hasn't hit the shelves yet is due to the type of injury not being classified as one that would end his season, plus these are the final days of the year.  Either way, many starters are on the IR and that makes the Detroit offense and defense very vulnerable.  Most of the starting offensive line is done for the year, along with Kevin Jones, meaning that every time Jon Kitna takes a snap it's an adventure in itself.  On the defensive side of things, the d-line has been gone for quite a while.  James Hall, Shaun Cody, and Shaun Rogers all are on the IR after injuries, leaving only Cory Redding as a regular starter.  With holes like that, it's no wonder opponents haven't had a tough time running against the Lions this season.

When it comes down to it, the only way Detroit could possibly win this game is if a miracle happens or Tony Romo decides to take all of his teammates with him on the sidelines to meet Carrie Underwood.  Other than that, the Lions don't stand a chance.  If Detroit does lose, it will tie the franchise record of 14 in one season, something only accomplished once before, in Matt Millen's first season as GM.  Nonetheless, it would just be another disappointing way to finish another disappointing season.  Let's just say, the Cowboys don't need to do a lot to beat the Lions on Sunday.

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