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Waiting on "the game"

Here's a little reading material to pass the time while we wait for the big game. NFL football in December, playing one of your division rivals, the NFC East on the line; it just doesn't get any better. I can't wait for 4:15 PM EST on Sunday.

This will be a true test of how good this team can be. If Tony Romo can lead us to victory on the road to put a strangle-hold on the NFC East, then we are truly among the elite teams heading into the home stretch.

Everyone over at ESPN thinks we will win.
But then again they agree by unanimous consent on quite a few teams this week.

The DFW S-T points out some players who are flying a little under the radar but are contributing to the Cowboys resurgence.

Reserve linebacker Kevin Burnett, who plays on the nickel package, had one of the biggest plays of the Cowboys' season with a 39-yard interception return for a touchdown against Indianapolis.

Linebacker Ryan Fowler leads the special teams with 17 tackles and is starring for the best kickoff-coverage unit in the league.

From a backup role, nose tackle Jay Ratliff has been one of the best pressure players for the Cowboys' defensive resurgence.

These former college stars have become prominent unsung heroes in the NFL by accepting their roles in helping the Cowboys to a 7-4 mark.

Here's the story on the Giants signing Sean Landeta at punter because of injury to Jeff Feagles.

Lenny P. thinks Gramatica might do OK.

In his seven-year career, Gramatica has converted 38 of 47 field goals in regular-season games played in December or January. That 80.9 percent conversion rate is actually higher than Gramatica's success rate, 76.7 percent, in all regular-season games, where he has made 138 of 180 kicks. In outdoor games in December and January, he has converted 34 of 40 field goals, an 85.0 percent mark.

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