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Dan Campbell on Parcells

Dan Campbell had this to say on Parcells.

Tight end Dan Campbell sees a lot of similarities between head coaches Bill Parcells and Rod Marinelli, but he also sees one very significant difference.

"I've always thought Rod is more of a positive person," said Campbell of Marinelli, his Detroit Lions' head coach.


"(Parcells) coaches negatively..." Campbell said.

Ha! It reminded me of what Roger Staubach said Walt Garrison told him after the Super Bowl win of the 1971 season. When Coach Landry was carried off the field after the game, he had a huge smile on his face. Staubach asked Garrison if he had ever seen Coach Landry smile before. Garrison replied, "No, but I've only been here nine years." Now that's funny.

By the way, Campbell didn't mean it in a bad way; he has a lot of respect for the Tuna. He was just pointing out that Parcells likes to needle his charges to get them motivated.

This issue isn't on us yet, but Jerry Jones is already talking about it

According to various reports, Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has issued owner Jerry Jones an ultimatum: If you want me back next season, get rid of Terrell Owens.

Jones said last week it's not true.

"That's just not a legitimate discussion," Jones said on his weekly radio show. "One thing has nothing to do with the other. That will be my decision, but one has nothing to do with the other."

There's a new DCFanatic Radio Show available, here. Give it a listen while you're waiting for the Cowboys game today.

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