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Spears, Canty: Starting jobs in peril

The big news out of today's press conference with Bill Parcells was that he's disappointed in the play of his starting DE's, Marcus Spears and Chris Canty. Parcells went so far as to say he could end up starting someone else. But he also said he's not threatening anyone's job, so this might be a motivational tool for the young and talented 2nd-year players. Parcells repeatedly said they are both capable of doing more, but they need to step up their play. He sounded more upset with Spears than Canty this time, but he's singled out Canty more in the past for spotty play.

He did mention Jason Hatcher as a potential replacement and he praised the work Kenyon Coleman has been doing on the field.

What do you guys think, is Parcells serious or is he just needling them a little more, this time in public to really put pressure on?

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