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Remember December

It's all about December football now for the Cowboys. You need to build the momentum and hit the playoffs like a team on fire. Parcells is talking to his team about great expectations; about playing championship ball.

From the DFW S-T, Mac Engel pens an article on the subject. Jason Ferguson explains:

"We always played better in December. I don't know what it was," Cowboys nose tackle Jason Ferguson said of his days under Parcells with the New York Jets. "We were always prepared in December and getting ready for the run into the playoffs.

"We're coming in on a roll [this season]. That is the best thing you can do coming into December. We're getting our swagger and feeling our way out."

JJT over at the DMN covers some of the same ground.

Parcells shared his thoughts with his players Monday after putting them through a rigorous running session less than 24 hours after a 23-20 win over the New York Giants. The victory gave the Cowboys a two-game lead in the NFC East with four games to play.

"Bill, if we're not in shape by now, we're never going to be in shape," one player said.

"Championship teams don't cut corners," Parcells replied.

Then he spoke to his players about maintaining their intensity and focus during the last month of the season. Parcells wants them streaking into the playoffs and feeding off their momentum.

Parcells has made some nice moves this season, including handling a problem child perfectly.

From the time training camp began until the switch to Romo, Terrell Owens was the story of the season, whether it was a hamstring injury, a broken hand, accidental overdose, a flap with passing game coordinator Todd Haley or his return to Philadelphia.

The Cowboys never let the Owens' story become a distraction and many teammates thought it was amusing at times. Many times Parcells acted disinterested or said he was simply unaware of what was going on.

Here's some follow-up to Parcells calling out Canty and Spears in yesterday's press conference.

Neither player put much pressure on quarterback Eli Manning, who threw for 270 yards and led the Giants on a 63-yard scoring drive late that tied Sunday's game, 20-20. Spears and Canty had three tackles combined.

Spears, a first-round draft pick in 2005, has only one sack this season. So does Canty, a fourth-round pick last year. The Cowboys expect more, especially when some of the league's worst defenses have ends putting up better numbers.

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