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Cowboys FS position still a question mark

BTB long-time regular silverblue5 posted this intriguing diary concerning the FS position. I wouldn't mind taking a look at Tony Parrish at all. But it brought to mind another question, I was asked to look at how the Davis/Watkins combo did in the Giants game. To tell you the truth, I couldn't get a good read on them since the Giants didn't attack the middle of the field deep very often.

As for Pat Watkins' play, I didn't observe him doing much, but in the case of a FS that's usually a good thing. If I don't see him getting beat in deep coverage, then it sounds like he held his own. He only had one tackle and I don't know how many plays he got. So based on that, I'd say he didn't hurt the team.

Keith Davis was a little more visible, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. He got in on three tackles but he also missed a couple of tackles. He was also in coverage along with Kevin Burnett on Shockey's TD. It looked like Davis played more than Watkins, and at the end, when the Giants drove for their final TD, Davis was manning the FS spot. Even though they were playing the nickel on every down Davis was the FS. Based on that, I'd say Parcells trusts Davis more at the moment, and thinks of him as the main FS.

Speaking of safeties, check out this Roy Williams interview on The Best Damn Sports Show. Kind of a bizarre interview, it's funny, but it goes off into some strange territory on occasion.

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