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Terrell Owens is well-rested

Terrell Owens needs his sleep as we've found out this season. Turns out that Bill Parcells' "How to be a Champion" speech was just the lullaby that Owens needed to catch some zzzz's.

When Bill Parcells told the Dallas Cowboys what it takes to win a championship, Terrell Owens wasn't listening.

"The championship speech? I must have went to sleep on that one," T.O. said, laughing.

Owens needed his beauty sleep, he had a very important party to attend.
"I can't remember. I had my mind on the party," he said when asked a second time about Monday's speech. "I have no earthly idea of what you are possibly talking about. I don't remember. I was already in L.A. ... He'll have to redo it."

Methinks Owens was having a little fun at the media's expense.

Mickey Spags recounts the history of Romo and Payton,

I guess Marcus Spears and Chris Canty are getting the idea. Now they just need to take their aggression out on the other team.

"That's expected," Spears said of Parcells' need for more production. "I'm one of the guys that he drafted last year and he expects the production level to go up. So I have to get it done, and if I don't, then changes will have to be made."

And after getting some advice from inside linebacker Bradie James, his college teammate at LSU, Spears has vowed to boost his intensity at practice. Evidently he did, getting into a brief scuffle at Wednesday's practice, though he said it had nothing to do with trying to prove his enthusiasm based on Parcells' comments earlier in the week. Parcells also said Canty curiously got into a little scuffle in Wednesday's practice, too.

"I have to keep my motor running like games," said Spears, who talked with James about staying full speed during the week. "Instead of trying to turn it on and turn it off, I've got to go in practice and play kind of the same speed that I'm going to play when I play Sunday."

The Parcells' needle hits the mark.

Gramatica speaks:

"I like to put that all behind me . . . it's over," Gramatica said of Sunday's heroics. "It was nice. The weekend was awesome. Just being a part of the team, I haven't felt like that in two years. So just being here was great. But it's the past and I'm just focused on the future."

While it almost sounds like Gramatica missed the final kick, he said he takes the same mental approach with all of his field goal attempts, whether they go in or not.

"Even during the game, if you miss one, you have to forget it," said Gramatica, who missed a 44-yard attempt in his first kick with the Cowboys, only to come back and make the next three. "Whatever you do, you have to make the next one. If you make that one, you have to forget that, too. Each kick is individual, so I try to think about every one."

The Saints have injury issues.
"Rookie sensation Marques Colston has been sidelined the last two games with an ankle injury and is listed as questionable for Sunday. Veteran Joe Horn has remained in the lineup but has been hobbled by a nagging groin injury, and is also questionable. Both players missed practice on Wednesday.


While the Cowboys continue to list no players on their injury report, that's not the case for the Saints, who had five players miss Wednesday's practice, including Horn and Colston, along with rookie Reggie Bush (shoulder). All three players are questionable for Sunday's game, along with defensive end Will Smith (knee). Running back Aaron Stecker (hamstring) missed practice and is doubtful to play, while offensive tackle Jon Stinchcomb (stomach), linebacker Scott Fujita (ankle) are both probable.

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