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Cowboys sign veteran safety

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From Mosley's blog:

This just in from Todd Archer: The Cowboys signed 31-year-old safety Tony Parrish off waivers today. Parrish started 62 games for the 49ers but lost his starting job earlier this season.

He'd played in 121 consecutive games before breaking his leg last season. The injury caused him to to miss the final seven games.

Parrish has been inactive for the past three weeks, but his teammates were still surprised when he was released Tuesday.

Parrish will provide depth at a position the Cowboys have struggled with this season.

I like this move a lot. I've been a fan of Tony Parrish's work on the field for a while now. The Cowboys made the quick strike to help shore up a struggling position in the secondary.

Hat tip to Burt D for posting the news, and hat tip to sliverblue5 who called this earlier in the week.