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Classic Parcells

Bill Parcells held a press conference this morning, well, sort of. He talked a little about Tony Parrish, the safety spot in general, blah, blah, blah. Then somebody asked about Terrell Owens' recent comments that he wasn't listening to Parcells when he gave his speech about being a champion on Monday.

The press conference took a turn at this point. Parcells said that Owens was listening, he can tell you three weeks from now what Parcells said and then said (paraphrase) "he uses the media, he sucks you guys in." Then he delivered a classic, "Consider yourselves sucked!"

The cantankerous one wasn't about to get into it about Owens and smacked the press down. He then asked if they had anything important to talk about, he had to get to practice, this time of the year the intensity is up and the focus is up. Then he said he had to go and got up and walked out of the press conference.

In case you guys missed it, ESPN is running an interview this Sunday between Owens and Mike Irvin where Owens brings up the not listening to Parcells statement because he was concentrating on his birthday party. He also says he felt betrayed that the news of him missing meetings and getting fined was leaked to the media.

ESPN is playing it up as big news and that Owens once again is tearing the team apart.

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