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Parcells on a hot streak

Is Parcells good or lucky? Perhaps a little of both, which is usually what it takes to win big in the NFL.

His hunches are working, such as the one he took by cutting Vanderjagt for Gramatica, a once first-rate kicker who had made just one field goal in three seasons of bouncing around before he made three against the Giants, including the winner.

"I don't know of one special teams coach who would have recommended he make that move," [Indianapolis Colts president Bill] Polian said. "But that's Bill. He figures that when he's on a hot streak, things will work."

Hey everybody, Terrell Owens is having a good year on the field.

Statistically, he's on track for the third -- maybe even the second -- best receiving season in Cowboys' history. Kind of catches you by surprise, doesn't it?

There are two reasons you might not have noticed. One is all those drops, which we tend to remember more than the passes he actually hangs onto.

No. 2, and more important, T.O. is not the biggest show in the Cowboys' locker room these days. The spotlight has shifted to Tony Romo, everybody's new darling.

How long Owens will put up with this disturbing turn of events remains to be seen. He may tolerate it only as long as Romo keeps throwing him the ball.

Now the media is trying to let you in on that little secret. Apparently they think we are all like them, worried about every little utterance that comes out of Owens' mouth. I got news for the media, we noticed Owens was having a good season weeks ago while they were still writing about his comments on Vandy, his birthday party and all those other things that don't mean a dang thing. Welcome to the real world, Dallas media.

Tony Parrish won't play this week, but hopes to be ready next week. The 49ers didn't think he had healed from injury sufficiently to keep him around.

"It's coaching-decision stuff. When they decided I wasn't in the future plans, that was the route they wanted to go," said Parrish, who added that the earliest he expects to play is next week and that he is fine physically.

Parrish said he prefers to play strong safety, which he has played the past eight years, but that he can play free safety. He was drafted as a free safety and played the position for the Chicago Bears as a rookie in 1998.

From the unexpected news of the day department, the Cowboys worked out QB Tommy Maddox.

The never-ending search for players continued for the Cowboys on Friday when quarterback Tommy Maddox came in for a workout.

Maddox, who played at Hurst L.D. Bell, lives in Southlake and won a Super Bowl ring with Pittsburgh last season, has not played this season, but coach Bill Parcells has expressed the possibility of adding a third quarterback for the stretch run.

Maddox has worked out for Tampa Bay and New England this season and received interest from Oakland.

Terence Newman and Chris Canty got into a minor scrap on Friday.

Canty played a prank on Newman before practice by taking the cornerback's clothes out of his locker and throwing them on the floor, the sources said. When Newman returned to the locker room after practice, he asked who did it. When told it was Canty, Newman proceeded to take the clothes out of Canty's locker and throw them on the floor.

After Canty returned to the locker room and found his clothes on the floor, he was told Newman had returned the prank. A heated exchange occurred, and Newman and Canty each threw a punch. Their teammates quickly broke up the scuffle.

Sources said there were no lingering effects between Newman and Canty.

It's the second time this week Canty has been involved in an incident with a teammate.

On Wednesday, Canty got into a scrap with Cory Procter on the practice field, two days after coach Bill Parcells questioned Canty's status in the starting lineup.

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