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The case for Rayfield Wright

The DMN makes the case for Rayfield Wright getting into the Hall of Fame.

Taking the statistical approach, which is hard to do for linemen, they lay out his career achievements.

In 13 years, Wright was named to six Pro Bowls. He played in five Super Bowls. He was named an All-Pro four times. He was named to the All-Decade team in the 1970s. He opened holes for Calvin Hill and Tony Dorsett. He protected Craig Morton and Roger Staubach. In 2004, he became the first Dallas offensive lineman inducted into the Cowboys' Ring of Honor.

If that's not enough then let's take the testimonial route.

Jack Youngblood:

"I still have nightmares over the guy," Youngblood said. "He was definitely one of my nemeses in my career. There's no question that he was a dominant offensive right tackle at that point in time."

"Mean" Joe Greene:

At a North Texas golf outing not too long ago, Hall of Fame defensive lineman Joe Greene saw former Cowboys All-Pro offensive lineman Rayfield Wright walk by and said, "There goes the best offensive lineman I ever played against."

Let's repeat that last sentence: "There goes the best offensive lineman I ever played against."

'Nuff said. The players who actually played against Rayfield Wright know the score, the football writers obviously don't.

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