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Free agent speculation

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From CBS Sportsline:

LeCharles Bentley, C/G, Saints: Bentley is 26 and will not turn 27 until December. He's in the prime of his career. Bentley played guard his first two seasons in the league and center the past two. Some say he's a better guard, but he wants to play center. Wherever he plays, he brings a tough-guy attitude to the job. He doesn't back down to anyone. Just ask Warren Sapp, a player he whipped several times when they were in the same division. The Saints aren't expected to put the franchise tag on him and Bentley wants out of New Orleans, so look for him to hit the market.

That's the first I've heard someone say that LeCharles Bentley may hit the open market. That gives the Cowboys something to think about.

Chris Hope, S, Steelers: He had more tackles and more interceptions than Troy Polamalu, but he doesn't get the due his teammate gets. But Hope is a player. He is rangy and he will hit you. The Steelers will do everything they can to keep him, but he might hit the market. If he does, he is a guy a lot of teams should look at closely. This is a heck of a player. Plus, he's only 25.

Chris Hope was a player in the playoffs and is part of a pretty deep safety free agent class, including Lance Schulters, Marlon McCree and Will Demps. The more I think about this position, it may make sense to fill it through free agency instead of the draft.

Confused about how the labor agreement and uncapped years affect free agency? Go here for an explanation.

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