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T.O. is the rumor that won't die

OK, in my search for Cowboy news to write about, I constantly find little blurbs about potential homes for Terrell Owens. Inevitably, Dallas is always mentioned, although the only evidence that's been publicly presented to support this is the comments Jerry Jones made about T.O. But Bob Glauber at Newsday takes it a step further.

But with multiple teams showing interest in Owens, the likelihood of Philly making a deal has increased. Here's one stumbling block, though. Even though Miami, Denver, Kansas City and Tampa Bay have expressed interest in trading for the 32-year-old receiver, the Cowboys' interest might trump the rest. But the Eagles certainly won't be willing to trade Owens to a division rival. So what would prevent the Eagles from trading Owens to another suitor? Well, Owens essentially controls where he goes, because he won't be willing to report to any team unless he gets a suitable contract offer. (emphasis added)

This really bugs me about reporters. Glauber writes this as a fact that Dallas' interest might trump the others. Really? What evidence do you have of this Glauber? Do you have some information you're not sharing or is this just an opinion? If it's an opinion why don't you say that instead of presenting it as established fact. That's my rant for the day.

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