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Scouting Mike Irvin and a Pro Bowl open thread

I broke down the film on Michael Irvin's performance in the Pro Bowl flag-football game. Unofficially I got him down 6 catches out of 7 passes thrown to him for 64 yards. He scored a TD on an end around from 8 yards out and he added a 2-pt. conversion. He also made a nice play on a 25-yard pass completion where he zigged and zagged across the field avoiding the tackle.

On the negative side, he dropped a pass and dropped a 2-pt. conversion. In addition he tired easily and some of his snaps, he played center for the majority of the game, we're slow getting to the QB.

A pretty good showing, but if he wants to break into the elite center/wide receiver/defensive back category of flag-football greats, he'll have to get in better shape and work on his passing skills. He threw one pass that was completed, but it was out of bounds and to a mascot.

Seriously, Michael Irvin sure looked good back in that Cowboys jersey.

Larry Allen was a beast in the strongest man competition. He won going away with 43 reps of 225-pounds. It was an awe-inspiring performance; he only struggled on the last couple of reps.

Open thread to discuss the Pro Bowl.  

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