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Congrats to Roy Williams

Roy Williams had a good day in Hawaii, playing some solid defense for the Pro Bowl winning NFC team. Roy had one of the best hits of the game when he seperated Dolphins WR Chris Chambers from the ball in a perfectly timed collision. Just as Chambers was catching the ball Williams lowered the boom resulting in an incomplete pass.

Roy also intercepted a pass deep in NFC territory. Instead of running the ball back he listened to teammate De Angleo Hall who was calling his name the second Williams caught the ball. Roy turned around and literally handed the ball off to Hall who returned it deep into AFC territory and the NFC eventually cashed it in for a TD.

Williams also had a couple of other pass defenses and laid a hit on Rod Smith that shook Smith up. Thankfully, Rod Smith was OK afterwards.

Video for some of Roy's plays are available here.

Rod Smith hit:


Chambers hit:

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