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NFL may delay start of free agency

According to Gary Myers at the NYDN, free agency may be pushed back to April 1st.

The NFL free agent market is scheduled to open March 3, but it could be pushed back until April 1 if there is enough progress made in the next couple of weeks in negotiations for an extension of the collective bargaining agreement.

Since the troubled decade of the 1980's the NFL has done a good job of keeping the peace between labor and management. In fact, the NFL is the best run sports league in the world, leading to huge financial windfalls from their television contracts. No one looks forward to a protracted labor dispute and the ramifications that would have on the game itself. I'm hoping they can resolve this without any lockouts or strikes.

On the flip side, I don't know if I can handle another 6 weeks of speculating about which kicker we should sign.

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