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P Mat McBriar signs a one-year deal

Nick Eatman brings us some actual news and some speculation. According to Eatman:

  • Mat McBriar signed a one-year minimum deal of $385,000 on Monday.
  • The Cowboys may pursue safeties Chris Hope (Pittsburgh) or Will Demps (Baltimore) or draft a safety on day one.
  • We have a new safety, Abram Elam (6-0, 205-lb.), who was a teammate of Julius Jones at Notre Dame.
  • Besides Drew Henson playing for the Rhein Fire, WR Tom Crowder and CB Lenny Williams have been assigned to the Frankfort Galaxy.

Speaking of Drew Henson...

He's in training camp in Tampa for NFL Europe. Money quote:

"We're going to try to bring some excitement, but first and foremost we're going to try to win some games," Henson said. "We want to be a winning team and we want to win the World Bowl, that's what I came over here for. That's the ultimate goal. We want to give them some excitement and show our fans what American football is like."

More Drew Henson news

Drew Henson looked the pick of the quarterbacks when it came to throwing. The ball jumps out of his hand, and on the intermediate out-routes and slants he showed his arm strength.

Some Cowboys made this websites NFL All-Criminal team. We're so proud!

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