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Betting on the future gives you the odds on NFC teams reaching the Super Bowl this year. Dallas comes in at 10-1 which places them at third in the NFC behind Seattle and Carolina. Money quote:

Dallas certainly isn't going to get out-coached with Bill Parcells. You know Parcells, in what may be his final season, will be going all out to win with the Cowboys missing the playoffs the past two years.

The Cowboys have some young studs on defense and should be more comfortable playing a 3-4 having made the switch last season. The Cowboys also have depth at running back, and should be able to solve their place-kicking woes with Mike Vanderjagt, Adam Vinatieri and Ryan Longwell on the free agent market.

If the league and player's union remain far apart, then 2007 would be an uncapped season with no salary cap restrictions. So you know free-spending Dallas owner Jerry Jones won't be holding back money this year.

I thought to myself that 3rd in the NFC might be overly optimistic before free agency and the draft, but then I looked at the list of NFC teams. I came to this conclusion, we're as good as any team in the NFC once Flozell comes back and we get a decent kicker. Add in some decent LB's, a RT and a FS, and we will have no excuses not to contend next year.

See the full odds list by clicking read more below.

Seahawks 5-1
Panthers 6-1
Cowboys 10-1
Giants 15-1
Bears 15-1
Buccaneers 15-1
Redskins 20-1
Eagles 20-1
Falcons 25-1
Vikings 25-1
Packers 35-1
Lions 50-1
Rams 50-1
Cardinals 60-1
Saints 75-1
49ers 100-1

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