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La'Roi Glover speaks

Pro Bowl NT La'Roi Glover finally broke his silence on his future with the Dallas Cowboys. Blogging The Boys regulars already know my prediction for La'Roi Glover - which I laid out in this post. The Cowboys can't afford to keep Glover as a back-up player.

Glover's comments today only solidify in my mind the ineveitable: Glover will be a cap-casualty. From the article:

Glover's status for the 2006 season is up in the air. He wants to return to the Cowboys, but he wants to play more than when he was pushed to the backup role behind Jason Ferguson in early December.

"That would be true. I want to play. I do want to be a full-time guy," Glover said. "I'd like to have a bigger role."

Glover, 31, said he's had no talks with the Cowboys about his return. He's due a $1.5 million roster bonus in March, making his return questionable. (emphasis added)

This equation only has one answer. A gifted DT in the 4-3 defense, Glover wants to play full-time and would on a 4-3 team. He's stuck behind a high-priced recently signed free-agent - Jason Ferguson - in a 3-4 system that doesn't fit his talents. His cap number is over $7 million dollars and the Cowboys could save close to $6 million if they release him. They owe him $1.5 million at the beginning of March so they need to decide by then. To date, they haven't contacted Glover about restructuring his contract.

Anyway I look at this only leads to one thing: La'Roi GLover will play for a new team in 2006.