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Help wanted: Kicker

Mickey Spags gives the Cowboys kicking situation a look and comes to the same conclusion as the rest of us: Pay some money for a kicker. He breaks down the usual suspects and concludes with this piece of wisdom.

But if the Cowboys having to jump into this market should create buyer's remorse, just look at it this way: They spent $1.8 million on Peerless Price this past season. They spent another million on Anthony Thomas.

Take that $3 million and get you one of these kickers.

Spags shoots and he scores. Other morsels from the Mick's article:

From the Dept. of Out of Left Field, West Texas A&M has hired Ryan Leaf as its quarterbacks coach. Somehow Leaf, who spent the 2001 season with the Cowboys, living in Canyon, Texas, seems a tad odd. But evidently Leaf contacted his former Washington State head coach Mike Price about getting into college coaching, and the current Texas-El Paso head coach put him in touch with West Texas head guy Don Carthel.

Keep your eye on that situation; when the players are more mature than the coach, the probability of a train wreck is near 100%.

Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells is very near completing his coaching staff, and that announcement could come before the week's out. After hiring Chris Palmer as his quarterbacks coach, Parcells had to make a decision on a linebackers coach, possibly a tight ends coach and then what to do with last year's quarterbacks coach David Lee.

It's hard to believe that Parcells went with Chris Palmer as QB coach knowing that Ryan Leaf was available. I hear Quincy Carter was also in the running, but hurt his own chances by expressing his revolutionary "more interceptions are good for an offense" coaching philosophy.

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