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Dear diary, by Drew Henson

Yup, Drew Henson has his own online diary that is loaded with lots of inside, exciting, fascinating details like this:

I talked to a couple of my buddies who've been to Germany to see what they had to say. I heard that it was probably the prettiest city out of all the other teams in our league. I heard about downtown, the restaurant and the shops. I heard that all of that is suppose to be great, so it'll be a great three month vacation. I'm going to like hanging out with my girl friend to just live life.

Come on Drew, is that the best you got? What about how you hate Parcells for benching you in the Bears game? You know you want revenge, just admit it.

I'm just playing. But seriously, you need to work on a better narrative for your next entry. May I suggest, Top 10 reasons Tony Romo stinks! Or maybe Drew Bledsoe is mean to puppies and old people! Now those would make for some exciting reading.

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