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Cowboys are defensive about their drafts

Mac Engel must have drawn the short straw, he's seems to be the only staff writer working at the DFW S-T. Mac's latest offering looks at our drafting patterns in the first round since 1997.

But it's been so long since the Cowboys drafted an offensive player in the first round few people can remember whom they actually selected. Or when.

Back in 1997, the Cowboys used the 22nd overall pick to select LSU tight end David LaFleur.

Of course, we gave up two first round picks for Joey Galloway in that time span, a move that set us back years in developing a competitive team. But Engel's point is the Cowboys have been so consumed with the defense in the first round that their offense has suffered.

The Cowboys haven't ranked in the top 10 in the NFL in total offense since 1998 and haven't had a 1,000-yard rusher since Smith in 2001. This past season was the first since '99 in which their passing game accounted for more touchdowns than interceptions.

Holy crap! Did you read that last line? No wonder we've uh, struggled - to put it kindly - since our last Super Bowl. Fortunately, Bledsoe appears to be the real deal at QB, but our line, unfortunately, does not appear to be. Emmitt Smith treats us to the obvious:

"They better get an offensive line, and they better get it quick," Smith said. "The quicker they get it, they will go back to being in the playoffs and being very, very successful."

You're preaching to the choir Emmitt, we all want a new and improved offensive line.

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