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Help wanted; linebacker with 3-4 skills

Let's give credit where credit is due, and this week it goes to Mickey Spags at I don't always agree with Mick, in fact I often disagree. But this week he nails it on the head. Here's a taste, then go read the article.

But if Pittsburgh and Seattle are to be this year's version of goodness, then the Dallas Cowboys have a much bigger need that seems to be routinely overlooked: Linebacker.

That's right, linebacker, and to me, here would be Exhibit A. The Cowboys, who like the Pittsburgh Steelers, play a 3-4 defense, finished the season with these four guys starting at linebacker: Bradie James and either Scott Shanle or Ryan Fowler inside, with DeMarcus Ware and Scott Fujita outside.

The Steelers, being the NFL's fourth-ranked defense, will start on Sunday against Seattle in Super Bowl XL at Ford Field James Farrior and Larry Foote inside, with Joey Porter and Clark Haggans outside.

Time for a T.O. update. Yes, more rumors concerning T.O. and Dallas, but check out the flimsy excuse to make a T.O. and Dallas connection.

But now that the Redskins are involved, and possibly willing to give up a first-day draft pick, the Cowboys are likely to follow suit. Hard to imagine Cowboys owner Jerry Jones just sitting back and watching Snyder add another marketable commodity to his stable in Washington without doing anything.

WTF? Come on, Adam Schefter, you're better than that. You're telling us that Dallas is interested in getting into a bidding war for a controversial (some say cancer) receiver that according to your article would cost a first-day draft pick just because Washington is interested? That's just poor reporting. Sounds like Drew Rosenhaus is paying reporters to drum up a trade market for Owens. By the way, Washington firmly denied the story.

Parcell's Guy and ex-Cowboy Richie Anderson signed with the New York Jets and will retire.

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