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Antonio Bryant in-depth interview

Former Dallas Cowboy WR Antonio Bryant spoke to Pro Football Talk in an in-depth interview.
Bryant discusses the incident with Bill Parcells and  his current feelings toward the coach. Suprprisingly, it seems that Bryant has matured and he credits the Tuna with some of that.

As to the day on which Bryant's relationship with his former head coach temporarily turned physical, Bryant was candid -- and contrite.  "It was a reaction," Bryant said.  "[Parcells] tossed the jersey at me.  I could have reacted better than I did.  I reacted.  I picked that jersey up, I was already on fire.  I tossed it right back at him."

But Bryant says he's matured as a result of the incident.  "I'm not concerned about going off on people.  I've been through too much.  I know what's down that street, and I'm not going back down it."

Nearly two years later, Bryant has no hard feelings toward Parcells.  "I always tell people I can never bad mouth him.  I learned so much from being around him.  It helped me to be more of a man and to have more character."

It's good to see when a young player starts to see the errors of his ways and realizes he has to shoulder some of the balme for his petulant character.

As for a return to Dallas, Bryant doesn't see it as likely and lists some other franchises he has an interest in, including returning to Cleveland.

I wonder how Parcells feels about Bryant today?

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