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Cowboys vs Steelers; in hoops?

You learn something new everyday. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a basketball team. They've had it for fourty years and they are still playing today. The Rooney's don't mind, have even helped out and no one's gotten hurt so they play every offseason. This year they'll play 65 games before stopping in May.

But what would a Steelers team be without their nemesis, the Dallas Cowboys. Not to disappoint the Cowboys show up twice in the article.

What are the biggest crowds the Steelers' basketball team has drawn?

O'Malley: After one of our Super Bowl wins over Dallas, we played the Cowboys at the Civic Arena in 1976 and drew more than 9,000 fans. The game was for charity and sponsored by McDonald's. When we went down to Dallas to play, though, the crowd was only about 400. By the way, the Cowboys had some very good basketball players and would sometimes clean our clocks. But their players didn't seem very friendly. I think they were angry at us because we beat them in those Super Bowls.

Guess what? We're still angry.

Remember Ernie Holmes, the DT on the Steel Curtain. He shows up in a Cowboys related story.

I will say this about Ernie Holmes. There was a game once when we were playing the Dallas Cowboys' basketball team. Ernie wasn't getting the ball, and he was starting to get mad. And you could tell. All of a sudden, he gets the ball at midcourt and starts heading toward the basket. By the time he got to the foul line, everyone on both teams just cleared out.

I guess I wouldn't take a charge from old Ernie either.

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