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Cowboys article roundup

Troy Aikman ponders on the future of Brett Favre.

The Bucs feel the power of the Cundiff Kid. Could we be signing Matt Bryant in exchange? I'd take that upgrade.

I like this piece of speculation

(Hat tip to Gryphon for finding it.)

Akin Ayodele, OLB, Jacksonville [72 tackles, 4 FF]

Very good athlete with tremendous size at the OLB spot. Ayodele has slowly been coming on the past few years, and is finally showing the talent that was promised. 6'2, 251 lbs, Ayodele is the type of player who, when he hits you, you stay hit. Shows great explosion and burst out of his stance, he blows up tight ends off the line, and wraps up well on ball carriers. His biggest problem has been a lack of wind, and coupled with mediocre pass coverage, he is limited to being a two-down player. Slightly limited in his hip movement, he can be beat by quick runners around the outside. However, given the opportunity to line up a ball carrier, he is lights out consistent.

GOOD FITS: Jacksonville, Miami, New Orleans, Oakland, Houston, Dallas

EARLY PICK: A Dallas native, there is no reason to think he wouldn't be interested in returning to the big D. With Dat Nguyen likely to retire, and Scott Fujita and Eric Ogbagu free agents, Ayodele would fit perfectly in the Tuna's scheme opposite the explosive DeMarcus Ware.


Jacksonville, however, does not lose much this year, and can likely afford to bring Ayodele back, even franchising him if need be.

Expect Parcells to at least take a cursory look at some of these players, given his past with some of them.

Next week, the Jets are planning to release several veterans, including cornerback Ty Law, tackles Jason Fabini and Scott Gragg, guard Pete Kendall, fullback Jerald Sowell and quarterback Jay Fiedler.

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