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Special teams not so special

My main man Nick Eatman is back and he's writing about our woeful special teams play from 2005 and what we can do for 2006. Eatman hits the highlights - err, lowlights - of our FG kickers last year. Cortez, Cundiff, Suisham; it didn't make a difference, they cost us games last year which cost us a playoff chance. Eatman asks and tries to answer the big question.

Obviously, last year didn't work out, so expect the Cowboys to go a different route this time.

And it's not a bad year to do so, considering the veteran kickers that are expected to be available in free agency.

Names such as Indianapolis' Mike Vanderjagt, Green Bay's Ryan Longwell and even New England's Adam Vinatieri, who has made two game-winning field goals in the Super Bowl, could be out there come early March. Even Paul Edinger, Joe Nedney and Matt Bryant would be an improvement for the Cowboys.

For so long, this organization has avoided spending big bucks on kickers, but it may not have a choice this time.

No word yet if potential free agent kickers are scared to come to Dallas because of the "Larry Allen factor".

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