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Cowboys random notes

Mickey Spags fills us in on the funeral for Ernie Stautner. Many former Dallas Cowboys made the trip to pay their last respects to the man who embodied the Doomsday Defense. Go read the whole article, here's a clip.

But this is not just about Hall of Famers. The thought that these guys always seem to rally - "We were a pretty tight-knit team," Charlie Waters said - is what makes you think that era of the Cowboys was so special, and maybe so unique among sports franchises across America.

I mean, there's Lee Roy Jordan and Chuck Howley. John Dutton and Ed "Too Tall" Jones. Cliff Harris and Waters, of course. Larry Cole and John Fitzgerald. Bob Bruenig and Bill Gregory. Robert Newhouse and Doug Dennison. Walt Garrison and D. D. Lewis. Mike Gaechter and Jethro Pugh. Preston Pearson and even Phil Pozderac, who would only have crossed paths with Ernie for six seasons.

Hall of Fame Racing, Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach's team, finished 17th at the Daytona 500. I'm not sure about this cozy relationship with Joe Gibb's racing team. I mean, Cowboys and Redskins intermingling like this? Why, it's unseemly! Then again, I still hang out with my brothers, and their Redskins fans, so I guess it's OK.

Fans of the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys saw their teams get together in the Nextel Cup garages three hours before the race, and a football game did not break out.

Instead, fans mingled and took pictures as Hall of Fame Racing co-owners Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks, talked with Redskins coach Joe Gibbs and son J.D., the leaders of Joe Gibbs Racing.

The lack of a new deal in the collective bargaining agreement is not only messing up free agency, but it's putting part of the Cowboy's new stadium financing in doubt.

Speaking of no CBA deal, this article says without a new deal the cap limit for each team will be around $93 million. It could go up to over $100 million if a new deal is struck. But as of right now, using the no new deal figure, the Cowboys are only $3 million under the cap. If that ends up being the figure, does anyone still think we won't release Glover to save $6 million dollars?

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