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NFL Europe news...not about Drew Henson

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That's right, there are two other players who are the property of the Dallas Cowboys playing in NFL Europe this year. Both WR Tom Crowder and CB Lenny Williams play for the Frankfurt Galaxy. Here's an article about Lenny Williams. Money quote:

"Lenny has a lot of natural ability but his technique is something that we are trying to refine," exclaimed [Coach] Stills. "If a player wants to play in the National Football League and he comes through NFL Europe, he has got to get rid of the old habits and take on the new," said Stills. "Because Lenny has been so talented he has gotten away with (freelancing) at the college level. At the professional level, all the receivers are just as good, just as big, just as fast," Stills explained. "You can't freelance; you have to use the right technique."