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Pasqualoni's move to LB coach could help Ware develop

JJT has a new article (sub. required) making the case that the move to LB coach of Paul Pasqualoni is going to help the Cowboys defense next season. Fom the article:

Bill Parcells made one of his best moves since he became head coach in 2003 last week when he moved Paul Pasqualoni from tight ends coach to linebackers coach. In the 3-4 defense, the outside linebacker is the most important player on the field. The Cowboys spent the 11th pick in the 2005 draft on DeMarcus Ware in hopes he would become a dominant player. Parcells even mentioned his name in the same sentence with Lawrence Taylor.

Then he took the player with the most potential on the team and placed him in an unfamiliar scheme with a defensive coordinator who had never coached the scheme and would be coaching linebackers for the first time.

That is no recipe for success.

It doesn't mean Mike Zimmer is a poor coach. It simply means that Pasqualoni should make Ware a better player than Zimmer could - and it's not that Ware wasn't good last year.

We have the labor negotiations between the owners and the Player's Association, then we have negotiations between the owners over revenue-sharing proposals. This is the NFL's winter of discontent. The rich teams are not ready to give up some of their locally generated revenues to the poorer teams and have threatened to sue if it's forced upon them. From the Washington Post article:

Any revenue-sharing plan would have to be approved by at least 24 of the 32 teams. It has been widely believed around the league throughout the revenue-sharing debate that a group of eight teams has surpassed the rest of the league in revenue-generating capabilities. Those eight are thought to include the Washington Redskins, New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears and Cleveland Browns.

Pro Football Talk includes the New York Giants in that list. If true, all four NFC East teams are among the rich.

Please NFL, you have the best sport's league going, you dominate the TV landscape and your fan base is at the top of the heap, don't screw it up by having labor strife, lockouts or strikes. Get this fixed and soon.

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