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Leave the draft to Parcells, mistakes and all

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Matt Mosley, this wasn't your finest post. Mosley discusses Jacob Rogers coming back for a second try, and then lays this bomb on us.

And if things don't work out for Rogers, Parcells should receive most of the blame. He argued on Rogers' behalf leading up to the 2004 draft while scouts -- and at least one assistant coach -- told him he was dead wrong.

It's one of the times Jones should've trusted his gut instead of blindly following Parcells. (emphasis added)

First, there's never a time when Jerry Jones should follow his gut in draft matters. Does the name Quincy Carter ring a bell? This is what happens when Mr. Jones follows his gut in the draft. I won't even bother to list the number of busts we've had  pre-Tuna. Jones is a financial and marketing whiz, but player evaluation is not his strong suit.

Now I'll grant Parcells has made mistakes, and Rogers so far counts as one, but I think I'll take Parcells advice on drafting before Jerry's.

Troy Aikman said he thinks his racing team fits right in at NASCAR since they've already gotten busted for an engine infraction. Yes, this was a joke...sort of.

More Aikman and Staubach in USA Today. Money quote:

Football fans will ask: 'How do you team up with a Redskin like Joe Gibbs, and how in the world (does he) team up with two Cowboys?' " says Staubach, admittedly a novice in the world of racing. "This thing makes great sense. We both have the NFL connection and we both have this interest in NASCAR, so this is a perfect marriage between two organizations. We wouldn't have been here today if it weren't for Joe Gibbs Racing."

Ay, caramba! Next thing you know, we'll have dogs and cats living together.

Evelyn Wray ain't moving until she gets paid.

Evelyn Wray, 71, the lone resident still in the path of the Dallas Cowboys stadium, will have to go.

Late last week, a court-appointed panel awarded her $1.2 million for her 4-acre property, which includes her home and a house her mother once occupied.

She's appealing the decision for more dough. Go granny, stick it to the man.

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