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Cowboys eyeing kickers

The RanchReport is delving into the options at kicker for the Dallas Cowboys and comes up with these morsels of speculation.

On Adam Vinateri (sub. required) who was not franchise tagged by the Patriots.

Arizona's Neil Rackers is the highest paid placekicker currently employed in the National Football League. He is scheduled to make $1.8 million in 2006 after signing a four-year, $6.4-million extension last November that included a $3-million signing bonus.

Vinatieri was tagged with the franchise label last season and earned $2.51 million in 2005.

So if the Cowboys are looking to sign Vinateri, expect it to cost somewhere in the $2 million or more range. That sounds like a lot for a kicker, but when you consider what this team could've done last year with a decent kicking game, it doesn't sound too bad.

But according to the RanchReport the kicker the Cowboys might be targeting is the much cheaper Matt Bryant. After telling us the Cowboys were "in love" with T Jeff Backus who is now off the table...

"Love'' might not be quite the right word for Dallas' interest in Bryant; after all, he was in the Cowboys' camp not so long ago when Dallas made the fateful decision to go with Billy Cundiff. But a source tells us that ranking behind New England's Adam Vinatieri and Indy's Mike Vanderjagt, and right alongside the rest, is none other than Bryant, who had a fine season with the Bucs and is now available again.

"My bet," a source tells us, is that (Dallas) will get one of those three: Vinatieri, Vanderjagt or Bryant."

Knowing how the Cowboys pay kickers, I would agree that the much cheaper Bryant may be the way they go.

Also in the article they tells us the Rocket Ismail is planning a comeback and has been talking to the Cowboys. This sounds absurd to me, we are trying to get younger at WR, not open a retirement home.

(Hat tip to Terry for pointing out the kicker articles in the comments section)

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