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Cowboys article roundup

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The start of the NFL Scouting Combine has a Cowboys connection. Nolan Cromwell, who became an All-Pro safety for the Rams, was an option QB coming out of college and had to shop himself to NFL teams. From the article:

Prior to the 1977 draft, Cromwell -- who recently completed his seventh season as the Seattle Seahawks' receivers coach -- carried his X-rays from team to team, making 15 stops.

The morning he got off the elevator at Dallas Cowboys headquarters, general manager Tex Schramm looked at personnel boss Gil Brandt and said, "There's got to be a better way."

There was no universal scouting combine at that time. The Cowboys formed a four-team combine with the San Francisco 49ers, Seahawks and Buffalo Bills. They shared medical information on between 50 and 75 draft prospects. Eventually, a couple of other combines formed.

The Washington Post reported that Jerry Jones personally joined the negotiations with the NFLPA yesterday.

There may be an intriguing twist when the NFL's labor negotiations continue today in Indianapolis. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is scheduled to be at the bargaining table.

Unfortunately, no progress was made on Jerry's watch.

Don Banks from says the draft is a good one for LB's, but his list of first-rounders is a little suspect.

You like linebackers? This is the draft for you. It's probably the deepest position in the draft, a contingent headed up by likely first-rounders A.J. Hawk of Ohio State, Chad Greenway of Iowa, Ernie Sims of Florida State and the rising D'Qwell Jackson of Maryland.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a story about Vincent Brown getting the LB coaching gig in Dallas. Brown was coaching at a local Atlanta high school before Parcells brought him to Big D. The article is mostly about Brown's career since the NFL, but this part was funny.

Meadowcreek athletics director Darlene Werhnyak was feeling bittersweet Wednesday. "We're crying over here," Werhnyak said. "I was hoping he'd be the next AD when I retire in May."

"Obviously this is a tremendous opportunity for him," Werhnyak said. "What was the coolest thing is Bill Parcells called [Principal Angela] Pringle directly."

Can you imagine being the principal at some high school, sitting around deciding which students to expel, and suddenly your assistant pops in the door and says; "Excuse me boss, but Bill Parcells of the Dallas Cowboys is on line 2." My guess is that doesn't happen every day.

That riveting author, Drew Henson, has the second installment of his diary available here.

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