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Parcells never really considered retirement

Todd Archer from the DMN writes that Bill Parcells was never seriously considering retirement at the end of the season. From the article:

"I'll know when it's time," Parcells said Saturday morning from the NFL Scouting Combine. "I'm sure there are other people thinking it's time already, but that's the nature of the business. But I'll know."


 "You just have a feeling when you don't want to do it anymore," Parcells said. "That it's not worth it to you."

But he is not at that point. He believes the Cowboys have improved during his tenure but admits there is work to be done this off-season.

Much ado about nothing. Parcells wanted to get a raise and Jerry didn't want to have a 1-year lame duck coach running the team. Solution: give Parcells a raise and an extension.

Good to see the Tuna out at the combine, sitting in the front row chatting it up with Seattle coach Mike Holmgren.

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