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My inside source at the Parcells/Rosenhaus power lunch

Much has been made of the lunch Bill Parcells had with agent Drew Rosenhaus. You can read that speculation here, or here, but I have the inside scoop.

Blogging The Boys' source was sitting two tables away and caught these snippets of conversation.

Parcells: Hey Drew, that's a really big hot dog you ordered for lunch.

(Translation: Drew, your hot dog client T.O. is a huge pain in the butt.)

Rosenhaus: I went for the king-size; you can expense the lunch, right? Just charge it to Jerry, he doesn't mind picking up the tab.

(Translation: Jerry likes T.O and won't mind spending the bucks to get him.)

Parcells: What is that, blue cheese on your salad? You know, the wrong dressing on a salad can ruin the whole thing.

(Translation: T.O has ruined more salads than anybody since fast-food joints starting serving them.)

Rosenhaus: I have to say Bill, those side items you got with your lunch don't look very fresh.

(Translation: Your WR's are getting old, you need a stud to go all the way.)

Parcells: Nice talking to you Drew, but I'm going to pass on dessert today.

(Translation: Just say no to T.O.)

There you have it. Forget all those other media outlets, Blogging The Boys brings you the exclusive scoop on the Parcells/Rosenhaus power lunch.

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