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The T.O. issue

Bob Glauber over at Newsday is still saying the Cowboys covet T.O., or in this case Jerry Jones does.

The Eagles probably won't be able to trade Terrell Owens, who is expected to be released soon. The Broncos will be in the hunt for his services, but don't count out the Cowboys. Bill Parcells had lunch the other day with Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus. It's an open secret that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones covets Owens...

Jerry may covet him, but does the Tuna? Jerry Jones is at a point where he can't rock the boat with Parcells, he's basically given Bill carte blanche in dealing with player issues. Jerry knows the team is selling out for a Super Bowl in the next year or two, so if Parcells thinks T.O. can help, then Jerry will make a run at him. But my guess is Parcells thinks T.O. is an unstable element, too risky to add to his carefully crafted team, and could ruin any chance of a championship run.

Parcells can see his talent as well as anyone else, but he also has to evaluate how important adding another starting WR would be to the team. If T.O. comes, either Glenn or Keyshawn goes. There aren't enough footballs to keep those three happy, so already you would have a disruption. Everybody knows how much Parcells loves Terry Glenn and Keyshawn Johnson, could you see him benching or cutting one of those two?

Then there's the money, how much will T.O. get and will he be offered a multi-year deal by any team pursuing him? If a team wants to snag T.O., they could jump out in front by offering a multi-year deal because most teams will probably want to do a one-year "test run". Is Dallas willing to play that game? Stake both money and years on a T.O. experiment? I just can't see the overly-cautious Parcells making that leap., the Eagles page on, is fretting over the possibility of T.O. playing in Dallas. Here's what they had to say about T.O. and Dallas.

They [Cowboys] didn't want to get Owens with the contract that he has with the Eagles, preferring instead to renegotiate a different deal and they also knew that the Eagles wouldn't be looking to send Owens elsewhere in the division, setting up two reunions with the wide receiver each season.

Now, teams are backing off on dealing for Owens, preparing to do battle with each other to get him as a free agent when the Eagles release him. Since the situation has changed, the Cowboys interest is again high.

I would think this would be their dream scenario, send T.O. to Dallas and watch him destroy the team from the inside. It'd be like when Jeff Goldblum uploaded a virus into the computers of the aliens in Independence Day. (I still have no idea how Goldblum got his Apple virus code to work on the alien's software operating system. And didn't the aliens have any sort of firewall protection or some Norton anti-virus software?)

The rumors of Dallas and T.O. will not cease until something definitive happens. After March 3rd, we can all watch it play out. From my view, Cowboys fans won't have anything to watch on the T.O. issue.

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