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Is Dallas under the cap or way under the cap?

The other day there was an article out claiming that the Cowboys were only about $3 million dollars under the cap. That didn't leave a lot of room to acquire free agents unless you cut some people or restructured some contracts.

Well, Todd Archer at the DMN (sub. required) says that we are actually $15 million dollars under the cap. That was the figure I had heard a few weeks ago. I guess we won't know exactly where we are until they decide if the CBA will get done or not. From the article:

Free agency will begin March 3, and the Cowboys will have about $15 million to spend. Not as much as last year, but still a good amount to find some quality players.

Also, Archer is not a big fan of Jason Fabini.

Now on the free agency. Jason Fabini, 31, the former Jet, has become the hot name. He's old. He's hurt. But he's played for Parcells. To me, he's an older Petitti who will be more costly.

Sorry Todd, but Jason Fabini has started at tackle in the NFL going on 8 years or so. You can't compare a veteran like that who has started his whole career with a one-year guy who's team is now trying to replace him. You may not think Fabini is as good as some other tackle prospects out there, but I guarantee you 32 out of 32 GM's would choose Fabini over Petitti, all things being equal.

In other news, Tom Crowder makes a minor splash in an NFL Europe scrimmage. He had two receptions for 42 yards.

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