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Henson getting attention in Europe league

Drew Henson is the subject of a long article by Len Pasquarelli over at ESPN. There was nothing ground-breaking in the article but it does give you a sense of Henson's mind-set going into the NFLE season, and also how his Rhein Fire coaches feel about him. It's worth the read. Henson quote:

"No, I just see it as a step, the next thing I have to do as part of the process of becoming an NFL quarterback," said Henson, following the 90-minute scrimmage, a session in which his participation likely accounted for the presence of most of the non-relatives spread out in the aluminum bleachers. "I don't see this as a comedown. Not at all. It's football. It's getting a chance to play and getting snaps. It's something I feel like I have to do and that I definitely want to do."

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