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Colts invade Cowboys turf

I've got to give a big shout-out to my fellow SB Nation blogger BigBlueShoe (Indy Colts) for walking into the lion's den and and offering some red meat to chew on. He came in with pistols blazing; calling out the Cowboys and labeling Jerry Jones an idiot. Fair enough, many people have called Jerry that, it may have crossed my lips when the name Quincy Carter was called at the NFL draft.

BigBlueShoe backed up his claims and started a battle royal. Deke jumped in, you knew that Terry was going to get some, Tom was there, Richard Joke chimed in, even WCG, the SB Nation blogger for the Bears got in on the act. Read the Diary here.

That was some good football discussion, and I invite all you lurkers out there to jump into the conversation. Sure I write this blog but it's an open forum, ready for anyone to state an opinion. Here's the part that I really dug about the whole thread; everyone stuck to football. No personal insults, no stupid name-calling, limited profanity; just straight-ahead football talk and a few spicy barbs.

So basically this is a post to reiterate what this blog is all about. It's about the Dallas Cowboys, it's about the latest news, the latest opinion and hopefully some interesting writing. But it's also a community forum, open for comments and opinions. I'm inviting all the readers of this blog to join in and post some comments.

And if you're trolling from another team, read how BigBlueShoe did it, and then bring your smack; we're ready to rumble.

P.S. to BigBlueShoe - I forgot the most important reason for a win now attitude; labor talks! Who knows what will happen this year, next year or down the road. Better get it done soon because you never know.

Oh no, I just stirred it up again.

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