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Cowboys article roundup

Catch up with Darren Woodson in this article. He's doing what every other ex-Cowboy from the 90s team is doing, broadcasting. Money quote:

"They're young, but I think they're close," Woodson said [about Dallas in 2006]. "Look around the NFC. You don't have to be a great, great team. I think the league is like that now. It's different than what it was in the 90s when you had to be a great team. And we had great teams."

Way to come through for your team, Jerry Jones. The Dallas Thanksgiving Day game will be available to everybody on TV and will be played at the regular time.

The Dallas Cowboys' annual Thanksgiving game will remain in its traditional late -afternoon time slot rather than move to prime time for broadcast on the NFL Network, league commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Friday.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones lobbied Tagliabue to keep the game in the afternoon after learning the league planned to make the Cowboys-Redskins on Thanksgiving night the first of eight NFL Network games next season, a Cowboys spokesman said.

Mickey Spags covers it too, in this article, along with some other stuff. He also talks about Chuck Howley and Super Bowl V, was he reading my post earlier today? Probably not, Howley is at the Super Bowl along with other past MVP's.

Want to know what Keyshawn drives? Go here.

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