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Seattle swindles Dallas and goes to Super Bowl

This article explains what happens when you don't have Bill Parcells around to curb the worst excesses of Jerry Jones' football mind. Yes, it's the Joey Galloway trade with Seattle. I didn't like this trade when it happened, hated it more when Galloway failed to produce in Dallas, and hate it even more now that I see what could've been. The final insult is the way Galloway is now producing for Tampa Bay. Money quote:

Component No. 1: Running back Shaun Alexander, who was the NFL's MVP this season. He could have been Emmitt Smith's backup/replacement.

"I never knew that," Alexander said about the Seahawks drafting him with the 19th overall pick in the 2000 draft, which had been the Cowboys' selection.

Component Nos. 2 and 3: Pro Bowl quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and Pro Bowl guard Steve Hutchinson. Armed with the Cowboys' No. 7 pick and their own No. 10 pick, the Seahawks made a flurry of trades, coming away with, among other things, Hasselbeck; the No. 17 pick, used to take Hutchinson; and receiver Koren Robinson."Everybody says it was a great trade," Hutchinson said.

This week must feel like a super long edition of "This Is Your Life" for Troy Aikman. But this article is kind of cool. Troy's former backup QB's remember what is was like working behind the future Hall of Famer. Babe Laufenberg remembers Troy as a rookie.

One of the things that I remember from training camp at Thousand Oaks is the two of us leaving the campus at about 10 p.m. to get something to eat at McDonald's. And what I remember is that the [expletive] never had any money. At the time, Sports Illustrated had put him on the cover and called him the $11 million man. I told him, 'You're the $11 million man and you haven't got a dime in your pocket.' "

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