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The offseason now in progress

I'm travelling over the next few days so posting might be lighter that ususal. Hopefully some of the regulars will post diaries to keep things fresh.

Welcome to the offseason. The real offseason. No more games to be played, at least games that mean anything. It's on now; all 32 teams are working on 2006, except for Pittsburgh, who's still sleeping it off.

Next milepost: February 22-28, 2006. The 2006 Scouting Combine where grown men are treated like cattle. Good times.

Next, next milepost: March 3rd, 2006. Time for teams to pay up or ship `em out. Free agency officially begins as the 2005 contracts expire. Roster bonuses are due and player movement begins.

There's a bunch of dates in February around RFA and franchise or transition tags, but not too much that should concern Dallas.

So here we go, the race is on to grab the Super Bowl title and replace the Steelers as Super Bowl champs. Time for Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones to make us champions again.

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