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OT: PTI goes prime-time

One half of the PTI duo, Tony Kornheiser, will join the booth for Monday Night Football. Now that's going to be interesting. I'm a big fan of PTI and welcome this addition to MNF which will have a 3-man booth with Kornheiser, Mike Tirico and... gag, spit... Joe Theismann. You can already see one immediate benefit, less air time for Theismann.

The Sunday night broadcast team of Theismann, Paul Maguire and Mike Patrick had to be one of the more excruciatingly bad broadcast teams in NFL history. Between listening to them or a new Clay Aiken album, I'd go with Clay.

Hopefully, Kornheiser will do a PTI over/under on Theismann. Like, what's the over/under on the number of times Theismann will make an idiot of himself in one broadcast? (answer, mathematicians can't calculate a formula that gives you such a large number). Over/under on Theismann referring to his own playing days in the broadcast? (Take the answer that Phil Simms refers to himself, and multiply by 100).

Play your own game of over/under or role-play in the comments below.

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