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Cowboys video highlights

Boy, it's dead out in the football world unless you're a Pittsburgh Steeler. I was flipping through the channels the other day and Ben Roethlisberger was selling stuff on a home shopping network. I'm not making this up; he was hawking framed pictures of what is now being called "The Tackle". I'm sure you heard about him getting shaved on Letterman. Hines Ward pops up on every sports show out there. Even Antwaan Randle El was getting some love from Stephen A. Smith.

But for the rest of us? Nothing. Nary a contract extension, restructured deal, or re-signed free agent to talk about. The scouting combine is still weeks away. We can watch some Cowboys play in the Pro Bowl this weekend but I'm starting to go through withdrawal. Free agency, wherefore art thou? I'm already dreaming of listening to Chris Berman blab on at the draft.

Fortunately, this thing called the Internet can help. Gryphon posted most of these clips on another board and I added some. To get yourselves through the doldrums, go watch some Dallas highlights hosted by You Tube.

Julius from the 2004 season. Two things jump out from the video, JJ looked much more decisive on his cutbacks in his rookie year an he also seemed to have a little extra gear. The only time we really saw that in 2005 was the Carolina game. Added bonus, check out Flozell Adams clearing the way on many of the plays. Can't wait to have him back this year.

Jason Witten from the same season. We even get to see him spotlighted on some nice blocks.

Roy Williams laying the boom on people.

General highlights of the 2003 defense. The must-see clips are the Buffalo game where Bledsoe is a sitting duck.

Re-live the Carolina game through the play of DeMarcus Ware. This should be just a taste of what we're going to see this year.

A nice tribute to Dat Nguyen.

And finally, the great one Emmitt Smith gets his own video.

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