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Cowboys salary cap number = confusion

Maybe some of you guys out there are smarter than me and can explain this seeming discrepancy between what Todd Archer is reporting at the DMN and what Nick Eatman is reporting at

First, Todd Archer:

For 2006, the Cowboys would be in better shape than most teams if there is not a deal. If the salary cap is $95 million, as has been projected, the Cowboys will have $3 million to spend but easily can add another $9.6 million to that figure by adjusting the contracts of Marco Rivera and Jason Ferguson.

I read that to mean if no new deal is reached then the Cowboys currently stand at $3 million under the cap.

Now, Nick Eatman:

However, a new deal would benefit the Cowboys, who have some tough decisions to make in regard to high-priced vets. But a new CBA would likely give the Cowboys another $10 million in cap space, from roughly $10 under the cap currently to about $20 million.

I read that to mean that without a new deal the Cowboys currently stand at $10 million under the cap.

Anybody have any insight? Who wants to try and reconcile those two statements?