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Labor madness

"Bloody Thursday". That's the name one general manager gave to what will happen if no CBA deal is done by the deadline. Len Pasquarelli details what it all means and I encourage everyone to read the article. Here are a few highlights:

"In past years, you'd see a lot of guys released who maybe still had some name value, but who were really in decline in terms of production," said one AFC team executive who was working late Tuesday, trying to figure out how to pare down a prohibitively bloated cap figure. "This year? People are going to be stunned -- not just by the quantity of players who are cut by Thursday, but by the quality, too. It's going to be ugly. There's going to be blood in the streets and, compared to past years, it's going to be from some bluebloods, guys who can still play."


There continue to be rumors the Washington Redskins, who extended numerous contracts in the past to deal with previous cap crunches, could have to play with 20 rookies on the roster in 2006.

I couldn't resist putting that Redskins line up for everyone. But seriously, things could get very strange if they don't get a deal done. No one is exactly sure how it will play out, but one thing's for sure; it won't be business as usual.

From the "Parcells will eventually get all his ex-players back" files: reports the Houston Texans have released FS Marcus Coleman from the team. Mark that name down, we all know how Parcells is about his former players.

This one's for BTB reader and frequent commenter Terry, who's been pimping Kamerion Wimbley. Fox Sports has a mock draft up, and at #18:

Cowboys - Kamerion Wimbley - OLB Florida State
The Cowboys could add Wimbley, arguably the draft's top 3-4 rush linebacker, to play opposite DeMarcus Ware.