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Cowboys free agent prospects

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Clarence E. Hill, Jr. provides this list of potential free agent pickups for the Cowboys in a DFW S-T article.

Offensive linemen

Jon Runyan (T) PHI
LeCharles Bentley (C) NO
Steve Neal (G)     NE
Jason Fabini (T) NYJ


Chris Hope     PIT
Adam Archuleta     STL
Will Demps     BAL
Marlon McCree     CAR

Wide receiver

Antwaan Randle El PIT
David Givens NE
Tim Carter NYG


Will Witherspoon CAR
David Thornton     IND
Akin Ayodele     JAX
Julian Peterson SF


Adam Vinatieri     NE
Mike Vanderjagt IND
Ryan Longwell     GB
Todd Peterson     ATL

Who would you guys like out of that list? LeCharles Bentley would be my #1 on the offensive line, but that looks unlikely as the rumor is he will sign with Philly.

Out of the rest of the list I would take:

OT Jason Fabini (I know I'll suffer the wrath of Deke for saying that)
S Will Demps (Chris Hope is going to sign back with Pitt)
LB Akin Ayodele
K Ryan Longwell

Does anybody know anything about G Steve Neal from New England? It's the second time in the past few days I've seen his name come up in relation to the Cowboys.